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Quickfire War Scenarios

The Quickfire War Scenarios page assumes that most players are already familiar with the most well known historical battles, and so those are not included here. Below are a selection of additional scenarios which should serve to expand the options available for game play. A number of generic rules will apply to all of the scenarios posted below. All reinforcements are noted as arriving on a certain edge of the game board (southeast, northern, etc.). This essentially means that they will arrive in relation to the main center of the current fighting. Because some players may end up "migrating" a battle away the edge of a board and back into the middle again, it should be kept in mind that all reinforcing vessels should arrive in relation to the current board center, not the original board center. Note that those scenario entries which have no links have not yet been posted.

Russo-Japanese War
1904: Port Arthur – Before, during and after operations around Port Arthur, there were numerous battles, destroyer actions as well as numerous near-misses involving capital ships. The following explores just a few of those possibilities.
Dash for Chifu: In December, 1904, Russia's sole surviving battleship at Port Arthur – the Sevastopol – and her intrepid captain make an evening dash for internment at Chifu. Available to catch her are only a few Japanese ships because much of the blockading fleet has returned to Japan for repairs.
The Yellow Sea++: The Battle of the Yellow Sea, including three battleships (two Japanese, one Russian) which did not strike mines months earlier.
1905: The Second Phase – After the fall of Port Arthur, it remained for the Japanese and Russians to prepare for further combat as both sides sought to adjust the changing balance of power in their favor.
Sylvia Basin: The Japanese nightmare - Port Arthur held out and now the Russian Baltic Fleet has arrived.
Trafalgar II: The Russian nightmare - after The Channel fishing fleet incident, the Royal Navy's Gibraltar squadron has been ordered to stop the Russian Batlic Fleet as all costs.

Spanish-American War
1898: During the course of this conflict, there were numerous encounters between fleets other than just the Spanish and American. Add to that the several different operations which were planned offers plenty of scenario options.
Manila Bay II: Admiral Camara really shows up with Pelayo and Carlos V.
Samar Surprise: The Raleigh has been assigned to escort an American expedition to Samar. She runs into a rude surprise in the form of the Spanish cruiser Reina Regente, previously reported lost but obviously still in "secret service" in the Visayas.
Canary Island Raid: The Spanish have concentrated their fleet in the Canary Islands and the U.S. – lacking a naval victory – must go get them.
Hunt for the Oregon: Spanish cruiser squadron catches the Oregon by herself off the coast of Brazil.
The Open Door: American Admiral Schley's short absence from Santiago costs him. By the time he returns Cerveras is in the open.
The Cristobal Colon's Guns: It turns out that the Italian built cruiser Cristobal Colon was delivered with her main armament after all.

Asia-Pacific Scenarios
1902: Resentful over the new U.S. fleet in the Philippines, the Japanese decide to pick a fight. Afterall, they beat China, and the US is farther away!
Battle off Luzon: A squadron of Japanese convoy escorts clashes with the U.S. Subic Bay squadron.
Taiwan Straits: Full blown fleet action as the two navies blunder into each other.
Torpedoes off Cebu: Japanese and American destroyers tangle down in the Visayas.

Other Scenarios
Malacca Straits: A French squadron and convoy being dispatched to Indo-China is not being allowed into the straits by a hostile RN Pacific Squadron. The French admiral has two choices: go home to a stalled career or shoot his way through.
Breakout from Saigon: A French cruiser squadron at Saigon takes advantage of a passing typhoon to break out while only a "few" RN cruisers lurk outside the bay... or are there?
General Fleet Action: A general fleet action in the Med, between the French and British fleets circa 1899.

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