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Quickfire Scenario: Hunt for the Oregon

Location – North coast of Brazil. 1898.

Background – Spanish Admiral Cerveras has left the Cape Verde Islands with two orders: Find the Oregon – who is sailing north from Rio de Janero – and sink her, and then proceed to Cuba and prevent American landings there. The orders are not entirely realistic, but the first part of them may be attainable since the Spanish know exactly when Oregon left Rio. After sending his destroyers on to Cuba, Cerveras runs into the Oregon.

Spanish Order of Battle
Armored cruisers Infanta Maria Teresa, Viscaya, Almirante Oquendo, Cristobal Colon
American Order of Battle
Battleship Oregon

Setup – The Spanish squadron is on the east side of the playing area on a westerly heading. The Oregon is on the southern side of the playing area on a northerly heading. The two sides should be 45 degrees to one another, that is, the Spanish should not set-up in a position that automatically suts off the Oregon, and the Oregon should not set-up in a position in which it automatically gets away. All formations at players discretion.
Closest setup proximity: 2 Nautical Miles

Reinforcement Die Rolls (2D6)
On a die roll of 12, the US cruiser Brooklyn arrives on the northern side of the playing area. She may be placed as close as one nautical mile from the Oregon, but may not be placed any closer than three nautical miles to any Spanish ships.

Victory Conditions (proviso: If Brooklyn is sunk, overall rating drops by one line)
Major American Victory: Oregon survivies, sinking all Spanish ships.
Moderate American Victory: Oregon survivies, sinking or damaging all Spanish ships.
Minor American Victory: Oregon escapes with at least half of S boxes intact, no Spanish ships sunk.
Embarrassing Draw: Oregon escapes badly damaged, no Spanish ships sunk.
Minor Spanish Victory: Oregon escapes badly damaged (over half of S boxes hit) while one Spanish ship is sunk.
Moderate Spanish Victory: Oregon escapes badly damaged (over half of S boxes hit) but no Spanish ships are sunk.
Major Spanish Victory: Oregon is sunk with Spanish losses of two or fewer ships.
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