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Quickfire Scenario: Trafalgar II - The Russian Nightmare

Location – Southwest Coast of Spain. Autumn, 1904.

Background – The Russian Baltic Fleet's encounter with British fishing vessels in the channel has triggered an order from Whitehall to Gibraltar: "RUSSIAN FLT MAY NOT PASS STOP USE FORCE IF NECCESRY STOP." The British Mediterranean Fleet has accordingly dispatched its available vessels to intercept the Russian Fleet and force it to abandon its voyage to Asia. Some shooting will be necessary in order to restore honor.

Beginning Russian Order of Battle
Baltic Fleet Commander - Admiral Rozhdesvenski
Battle Division 1: Suvarov, Borodino, Alexander III, Orel.
Battle Division 2: Oslyabya, Sissoi Veliky, Navarin, Admrial Nakhimov.
Cruiser Division 1: Oleg, Aurora
Destroyer Division 1: Four destroyers
Destroyer Division 2: Four destroyers

Beginning Royal Navy Order of Battle
Battleship Division 1: Formidable, Irresistable, Implacable, London
Battleship Division 1: Queen, Prince of Wales, Goliath
Cruiser Division 1: Leviathan, Aboukir
Cruiser Division 2: Venus, Juno, Diana, Minerva
Destroyer Division 1: Three destroyers
Destroyer Division 2: Three destroyers
Destroyer Division 3: Three destroyers

Scenario rules – No special rules.

Setup – Russian Baltic Fleet begins the game on the north-western side of the board on a southern heading. Ship formations are at player's discretion.
British Fleet begins game on eastern side of board on a westerly heading. Ship formations are at player's discretion.
Closest setup proximity: 3 Nautical Miles

Reinforcement Die Rolls (1D6)
British Fleet - Battleship Division 3: Majestic, Hannibal, Mars, Hood. Roll once at the start of turn 15 and each turn thereafter. On any die roll of 6 or greater the division arrives on eastern edge of board during the movement phase.

Victory Conditions
Vague: The Russians must run to the south or southeast until British give up trying to stop them. The British must force the Russians to turn around and abandon their attempt to pass to the south. Note that this does not mean the southern edge of the board, it means southward movement in general.

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