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Quickfire Scenario: Manila Bay II

Location – Manila Bay, Philippines. 1899.

Background – The war has dragged on slightly longer than anyone thought. As a Spanish rescue fleet being dispatched to the Philippines discovers that more American cruisers are being sent to the western Pacific, they hurry on with all speed to challenge Dewey's hold on Manila after his defeat of the weak garrison of old Spanish ships stationed there. The U.S. is too distracted with Cuba to hinder the Spanish rescue mission, and they lack the logistic resources to strike at Spain proper. Dewey's official orders are to repel the Spanish but avoid undue risk. His private orders from the president are to repel Admiral Camara's fleet at all costs. Admiral Camara 's orders are more straightforward.

Spanish Order of Battle
Battle division (Camara): Pelayo, Carlos V.
Auxilliary cruiser division: Rapido, Patriota
Destoyer division: Prosperina, Audaz, Osado
American Order of Battle
Cruiser division (Dewey): Olympia, Charleston, Baltimore, Boston, Raleigh
Gunboat division: Concord, Petrel, Marques de Duero

Setup – The Spanish fleet begins the game on the western side of playing area on an easterly heading, formation at player's discretion. The American fleet begins game on the eastern half of the playing area on any heading, formation at player's discretion.
Closest setup proximity: 2.5 Nautical Miles

Reinforcement Die Rolls (1D6)

Victory Conditions
Major American Victory: Repell the Spanish rescue fleet at all costs
Major Spanish Victory: Destroy the American Pacific fleet at all costs.
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