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Quickfire Scenario: Canary Island Raid

Location – Central Atlantic. 1898.

Background – The Spanish Navy has hired a number of advisors and with some trepidation they have concentrated their combined fleet in the Canary Islands instead of sending their cruisers to Cuba. Now they have been joined by the new armored cruiser Carlos V and the newly refitted battleship Pelayo, along with some other light cruisers. Spain's coast is defenseless, but the advisors assure the Spanish that the American's lack the ability to strike so far with any force. They are correct. The U.S. Navy, pressured by public opinion to do something about the Spanish fleet that is threatening the eastern seaboard and by its very presence interfering with relief of their poor disease-ridden boys in Cuba, has demanded that something be done. The U.S. Navy is mounting a major expedition to strike out at the main Spanish fleet base, hoping to lure the enemy navy into a pitched battle.

Spanish Order of Battle
Battle division I: Pelayo, Carlos V, Cristobal Colon.
Battle division II: Maria Teresa, Viscaya, Almirante Oquendo
Cruiser division: Lepanto, Alfonzo XIII, Reina Mercedes, Alfonso XII
Auxilliary cruiser division: Patriota, Rapido
Destoyer division 1: Prosperina, Audaz, Osado,
Destoyer division 2: Furor, Terror, Pluton
American Order of Battle
Battleship division: Iowa, Oregon, Indiana
Cruiser division 1: Brooklyn, New York, Columbia, Minneapolis
Cruiser division 2: Albany, New Orleans, San Francisco

Scenario special rules – Cristobal Colon has her full main armament. Pelayo is a "1898 planned." Indiana has suffered a breakdown in her aft main turret during the crossing, probably due to shipping heavy seas and her heavy ROF rating is a 2.

Setup – The Spanish fleet begins the game on the eastern side of playing area on a westerly heading, formation at player's discretion. The American fleet begins game on the western side of the playing area on an easterly heading, formation at player's discretion.
Closest setup proximity: 2.5 Nautical Miles

Reinforcement Die Rolls (1D6)

Victory Conditions
Vague: Each side must: (a) Survive and; (b) Sink as many enemy ships as possible.
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