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Quickfire Scenario: The Open Door

Location – Santiago Bay, Cuba. 1898.

Background – After arriving off of Santiago Harbor and temporarily trapping Spanish Admiral Cerveras in the bay, American Admiral Schley mysteriously leaves the area before returning at the command of Admiral Sampson. As he returns to the area, lookouts on Brooklyn spot the Spanish flagship Infanta Maria Teresa clear of the channel at Santiago with the rest of the squadron behind her. They must be stopped.

Spanish Order of Battle
Armored cruisers Infanta Maria Teresa, Viscaya, Almirante Oquendo, Cristobal Colon
Destroyers Terror, Furor
American Order of Battle
Battleships Massachusetts, Texas
Armored cruiser Brooklyn
Gunboat Vixen

Setup – Northern edge of board is coastline. The rearmost Spanish vessel is just exiting the Santiago Channel with the balance of the Spanish squadron in line ahead on any bearing of Spanish player's choosing. American player is due east of the Spanish ships. US formation is at American player's discretion.
Closest setup proximity: 1.5 Nautical Miles

Optional Scenario rules – If players want to make the game somewhat more realistic, the following limits can be placed on the Spanish cruisers: Repair dice number only 1 or 2. Light fire ROF limited to a 4. Viscaya speed is 40, not 60.

Reinforcement Die Rolls (1D6)

Victory Conditions
Major American Victory: Sink all Spanish ships.
Moderate American Victory: Sink and/or chase back into harbor all Spanish cruisers.
Minor American Victory: Sink at least two Spanish cruisers while letting the rest escape.
Minor Spanish Victory: Escape from the area without substantial damage and without sinking any US ships.
Moderate Spanish Victory: Sink at least one American cruiser while escaping from the area with three cruisers.
Major Spanish Victory: Sink at least one American battleship while escaping from the area with two cruisers.
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