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French Order of Battle for Wagram. July 5, 1809

FRENCH ARMY : NOTES - Most French troops will be average quality, with some rated as green, notably the provisional formations such as divisions Puthod, Tharreau and Frere. Massena's and Bernadotte's corps should also probably fight as green. Wagram was a difficult battle for the French, with many senior officers having to expose themselves to enemy fire in order to keep their troops in order.

Mixed infantry brigades which are composed of both line and light units will gain somewhat in their skirmish marker ability, being able to send out one extra skirmish base for each light infantry base in the brigade (in addition to the one skirmish marker already available to the line regiment/brigade. Players must remove line and light bases alternately from such units (they may not remove all line bases first). Some French cavalry divisions are so weak at this battle that they must be represented here as brigades.

French Army - Napoleon
Army Artillery at Lobau Island 6 heavy artillery (immobile) , 1 light foot artillery
Imperial Guard Corps - Napoleon
Guard Artillery - Lauriston 3 elite heavy foot artillery, 2 elite light horse artillery
Guard Infantry Division - Dorsenne
Old Guard Brigade - 5 bases elite (Grenadiers à pied, Chasseurs à pied)
Middle Guard Brigade - 4 bases elite-veteran (Fusiler chasseurs, Fusiler grenadiers - see Optional Rule #107)
Young Guard Brigade - 4 bases veteran (Tirailleur chasseurs, Tirailleur grenadiers)
Cavalry Division - Walther
Grenadiers a'Cheval - 2 bases elite heavy cavalry
Chasseurs a'Cheval - 2 bases elite medium cavalry
Brigade Letort - 3 bases veteran medium cavalry (Empress Dragoons, Polish Lancers)
2nd Corps - Oudinot
Corps Cavalry
Brigade Colbert - 3 bases light cavalry (7th & 20th chas.cheval, 9th hussars)
Corps Artillery - Bondurand 2 heavy foot artillery
1st Division - Tharreau
Brigade Conroux - 5 bases light infantry (6th, 24th, 25th, 9th, 27th light, Tirailleurs Corse)
Brigade Albert - 5 bases line infantry (8th, 24th, 45th, 94th, 95th line)
Brigade Jarry - 5 bases line infantry (4th, 18th, 54th line)
1 medium foot artillery
2nd Division - Frere
Brigade Coehorn - 6 bases light infantry(17th, 21st, 28th, 16th light, Tirailleurs du Po)
Brigade Razout- 5 bases line infantry (27th, 39th, 59th, 69th line)
Brigade Ficatier- 5 bases line infantry (40th, 88th, 64th, 100th, 103rd line)
1 medium foot artillery
3rd Division - Grandjean
Brigade Marion - 3 bases light infantry (10th)
Brigade Lorencez - 5 bases veteran line infantry (3rd, 57th line)
Brigade Brun - 5 bases line infantry (72nd, 105th line)
Brigade Carcomelego - 3 bases line infantry (Portuguese Legion)
1 medium foot artillery
3rd Corps - Davout Cavalry marked * were weak divisions temporarily assigned to 3rd corps from the cavalry reserve
Corps Cavalry - Montbrun
Brigade Pajol - 3 bases light cavalry (11th & 12th Chas.Cheval, 5th Hussars)
Brigade Jacquinot - 3 bases light cavalry (1st & 2nd Chas.Cheval)
Brigade Grouchy* - 3 bases medium cavalry (7th, 30th dragoons, la Reine dragoons)
Brigade Pully* - 2 bases medium cavalry (23rd, 28th dragoons)
Corps artillery - Hanicque 2 heavy foot artillery, 1 light horse artillery
1st Division - Morand
13th light - 4 bases light infantry
17th line - 5 bases line infantry
30th line - 5 bases line infantry
61st line - 4 bases line infantry
1 medium foot artillery, 1 light horse artillery
2nd Division - Friant
15th light - 4 bases light infantry
33rd line - 4 bases line infantry
48th line - 3 bases line infantry
108th line - 3 bases line infantry
111th line - 4 bases line infantry
1 medium foot artillery, 1 light horse artillery
3rd Division - Gudin
7th light - 4 bases light infantry
12th line - 4 bases line infantry
21st line - 3 bases line infantry
25th line - 3 bases line infantry
85th line - 3 bases line infantry
2 medium foot artillery
4th Division - Puthod
Brigade Girard - 3 bases (33rd, 30th, 61st line)
Brigade Desailly - 4 bases (111th, 12th, 25th, 85th line)
1 light foot artillery
4th Corps - Massena
Corps Cavalry
Brigade Marulaz - 3 bases light cavalry (1st Bavarian Cheveauleger, Hesse-Darm. Cheveaulegers)
Brigade Lasalle - 3 bases light cavalry (8th Hussars, 16th & 13th Chas.Cheval)
Corps Artillery - Pernetti 1 heavy foot artillery, 1 Bavarian light horse artillery
1st Division - Legrand
Brigade Ledru - 3 bases line infantry + 2 base light infantry (18th line, 26th light)
Brigade Neuenstein - 5 bases line infantry +1 base light infantry (Baden Brigade: Leib IR 1, IR 2, IR3, Jagerbattalion)
1 medium Baden foot artillery
2nd Division - St.Cyr
24th light - 3 bases light infantry
4th line - 4 bases line infantry
46th line - 3 bases line infantry
Brigade Garder - 4 bases (Hesse Darmstadt Leib Garde)
Brigade Cozpe - 4 bases (2nd Hesse Darmstadt musketeers/fusilers)
2 medium foot artillery
3rd Division - Molitor
Brigade Leguay - 5 bases (2nd line, 16th line)
Brigade Viviez - 4 bases (37th line, 67th line)
1 medium foot artillery
4th Division - Boudet
Brigade Fririon - 3 bases (3rd light)
Brigade Valory - 4 bases (56th & 93rd line)
1 medium foot

Army of Italy - Beauharnais
Army Cavalry Reserve
Brigade Lecchi - 3 bases veteran medium cavalry (Italian Guard Cavalry) [weak division]
Brigade Sahuc - 3 bases light cavalry (6th, 8th, 9th chas.cheval) [weak division]
Corps MacDonald
Corps Artillery 1 medium foot artillery
1st Division - Broussier
Brigade Dutruy - 4 bases (9th, 84th line)
Brigade Dessaix - 3 bases (92nd line)
2nd Division - Lamarque
Brigade Huart - 3 bases (18th light, 13th line)
Brigade Almerias - 3 bases ( 23rd, 29th line)
Corps Grenier
Corps Infantry Reserve
Brigade Fontanelli - 3 bases elite infantry (Italian guards, including small number of cavalry)
Corps Cavalry 3 bases light cavalry (6th, 8th & 9th Chas.)
Corps Artillery 2 medium foot artillery, 1 light foot artillery
1st Division - Seras
Brigade Garraud - 3 bases (35th, 53rd line, 1st light)
Brigade Roussel - 3 bases (42nd, 106th line)
2nd Division - Durutte
Brigade Valentin - 4 bases (23rd, 60th line, 22nd light)
Brigade Bruch - 3 bases (62nd, 102nd line)
3rd Division - Pacthod
Brigade Teste - 4 bases (8th light, 1st line)
Brigade Abbe - 3 bases (52nd line)
7th Corps - Wrede (Bavarians detached from Lefebvre)
2nd Bavarian Division - Wrede (same as corps)
Brigade Durosnel - 2 bases light cavalry (Konig & Leiningen Cheveauleger)
Brigade Minucci - 5 bases (3rd, 13th line)
Brigade Beckers - 5 bases (6th, 7th line, 6th light)
1 medium foot artillery. 1 medium horse artillery
9th Corps (Saxon) - Bernadotte
Corps Artillery - Mossel 1 medium foot artillery
1st Division - Zezschwitz
Brigade Hartitzsch - 5 bases (Leib Garde Gren, Grenadiers duBose & Hacke, Konig line)
Brigade Boxberg - 4 bases ( Maximillian, Frederick & Anton line, Tirailleurs du Metsch)
Brigade Gutschmidt - 2 bases medium cavalry (Garde du Corps, Albert & Clement Cheveaulegers)
1 medium foot artillery
2nd Division - Polenz
Brigade LeCog - 5 bases (Clement, Low, Cerrini line)
Brigade Zeschau - 5 bases (Radelof & Winkleman grenadiers, Niesenmenschel line)
Brigade Feilitzsch - 2 bases armored cavalry (Garde, Zastrow)
3rd Division - Dupas
Brigade Vaux 3 bases grenadiers (Saxon von Winkelmann, von Radelof)
5th light - 3 bases French light infantry
19th line - 3 bases French line infantry

11th Corps - Marmont
Corps Cavalry 1 base light cavalry (24th Chas. Chev.)
1st Division - Montrichand
Brigade Bertrand - 5 bases line infantry (18th light, 5th line)
Brigade Delzons - 5 bases line infantry (79th line, 81st line)
1 medium foot artillery
2nd Division - Clauzel
Brigade Soyez - 4 bases (8th light, 23rd line)
Brigade Bachelu - 4 bases (11th line)
1 medium foot artillery
Cavalry Reserve Corps - Bessieres
1st Heavy Cavalry Division - Nansouty
Brigade Defrance - 2 bases veteran heavy cavalry (Carabiniers)
Brigade Doumerc - 3 bases armored cavalry (2nd, 9th Cuirassiers)
Brigade St.Germain - 2 bases armored cavalry (3rd, 12th Cuirassiers)
1 medium horse artillery
2nd Heavy Cavalry Division - St.Sulpice
Brigade Fiteau - 2 bases armored cavalry (1st, 5th Cuirassiers)
Brigade Guiton - 2 bases armored cavalry (10th, 11th Cuirassiers)
1 medium horse artillery
3rd Heavy Cavalry Division - Arrighi
Brigade Raynaud - 2 bases armored cavalry (4th, 6th Cuirassiers)
Brigade Bordesoule - 2 bases armored cavalry (7th, 8th Cuirassiers)

Formations not present at Wagram

7th Corps (Bavarian) - Lefebvre
Corps Cavalry - 2 bases light cavalry (Bubenoven cheveauleger, Taxis dragoons)
Corps Artillery - Calonge 1 heavy foot artillery, 1 medium foot artillery, 1 medium horse artillery
1st Division - Karl
Brigade Rechberg - 5 bases (Leib-Reg., 2nd Bavarian line)
Brigade Stengel - 4 bases line infantry, 1 base light infantry (4th, 8th Bavarian line, 1st light)
Brigade Vieregg -
2nd Division - Wrede [assigned to Army of Italy - see above]
3rd Division - Deroi
Brigade Sieben - 5 bases (9th, 10th Bavarian line, 5th light)
Brigade Vincenti - 5 bases (5th, 14th Bavarian line, 7th light)
1 medium foot artillery
8th Corps (Wurttemberg) - Vandamme
Corps Artillery - Schnadow 1 heavy foot artillery, 1 Wurttemberg medium foot artillery, 1 Wurt. medium horse artillery
Infantry Division - Neubronn
Brigade Frandquemont - 5 bases (Royal, Wilhelm, Neubronn #1 line)
Brigade Scharfenstein - 5 bases (Phull, Camrer, Neubronn #2 line)
Brigade Hugel (light) - 3 bases (Konig & Neuffer jagers)
Cavalry Division - Wollwarth
Brigade Roeder - 2 bases light cavalry (Konig Cheveaulegers & Chas.Cheval)
Brigade Stettner - 2 bases light cavalry (Henry & Louis Cheveaulegers)
Polish Army (Corps) - Pontiatowski
Corps Cavalry
Brigade Dombrowski - 5 bases light cavalry (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th 6th Chas.Cheval)
Corps Artillery - Pelletier 2 medium foot artillery
1st Division - Zayonchek
1st Brigade - 5 bases line infantry (1st, 2nd line)
2nd Brigade - 5 bases line infantry (3rd, 5th line)
3rd Brigade - 4 bases line infantry (6th, 8th line)
4th Brigade - 3 bases line infantry (12th line)
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