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Republique 5.0 Beta
Below are latest beta test rules for the upcoming Republique release. Each portion of the rules has been thoroughly reviewed for its grand tactical effects and updated after numerous test plays. We are continuing to playtest these prospective updates and encourage players to email results of their own test games to webmaster@wtj.com. Below the basic resource links are design notes for existing Republique players. Last update: October 13, 2019.
Rules Text
15mm Combat Chart Side 1, 15mm Combat Chart Side 2
25mm Combat Chart Side 1, 25mm Combat Chart Side 2
Artillery Firing Arc
Leader Ratings
Rule Situation Guide
Tactical Guide
Optional Rules
Optional Rules Checklist (for tracking which optional rules are being used for the current game)
Rule Revision History

Beta Test Assault
A) Shallower assault curve extends from the current 9+ to -8, to a greater range of 14+ to -13. Basically it spreads out results as the modifiers stack-up for or against the units to avoid too many units hitting the results ceiling too early or often (a common complaint, although technically done on purpose by me to supercharge speed of play).
B) Only base (B) hits and panic (P) hits are inflicted on the main assault table, resulting from the modified assault die roll spread.
C) Morale (M) hits are now the result of the point difference between the natural (unmodified) assault die roll spread (same roll, do not conduct an extra roll).
D) Since a 1 to 10 spread on a losing natural die roll is an unacceptable number of M hits, the hits would need to be 1M hit per X number of natural points, applied by troop grade (better quality troops are less likely to suffer M hits from assault). The M hits are all rounded up, so for example average troops suffer one morale hit (M) if they lose the natural die roll by 1, 2 or 3 points and two morale hits if they lose the natural die roll by 4, 5 or 6 points. Etc.
E) The M hits are only suffered when the unit loses both the natural and modified die roll spreads. Units winning both die roll spreads (there is only one roll, just two ways of applying the point spread between the player's die results) have their morale state improve by one point.
F) K hits have been renamed B hits throughout the rules.

Beta Test Artillery
Roll for each firing battery. Enter the damage columns at the corresponding range header, and then roll 1D10 to see if a 1 or 2 will cause that battery fire to drift one or two columns to the right, or a 9 or 10 will cause the battery fire to drift one or two columns to the left. Die roll modifiers are also used for more discrete, cumulative effects that may or may not manage to effect the drift die roll. There is a new "Mass Battery" line for four battery fire groups, mass batteries must be in base to base contact with each other and roll as a single entity. This table not yet fully described in the rules text.

Beta Test Rally
The rally table now uses a system by which a unit rolls one ten sided die (1D10) and modifies it in order to arrive at a total with which it may improve its current morale. There is however, the possiblity that some unit's morale may actually get worse as a result of this. Start by rolling one die and modifiying it with the die roll modifiers. Take the final positive or negative value and apply it to the number in the main rally table which corresponds to that unit's current condition. The resulting number becomes that unit's new morale number and it's morale hit level is change accordingly (if at all). Note that the die roll modifiers have been increased to accomodate the new method.
The reason that "Disordered" has been changed to "Unformed" is to let each morale hit level have its own abbreviation, IE - Unformed, Rattled, Shaken and Demoralized (U, R, S and D). The actual numbers listed in the table may be updated further as a result of more playtesting. Divisional panic is now less likely to happen, and only occurs at the highest level.
Beta Test Command
Retire - Same as Move command, but the division conducts retrograde movement of its units, either facing the enemy (moving backwards) as rearguards or backs to the enemy moving away up to full normal movement. Divisions commanded to withdraw must conduct a Panic 5 Fail test if; a) Any member units are already shaken or demoralized, b) any units already have their backs to the enemy and/or c) any units put their backs to the enemy during their movement phase.

Also, we are testing this new artillery firing arc which will help players to establish safe firing lanes between friendly troops.

Borodino Order of Battle
These French and Russian orders of battle were created by David Oliver for the Republique gaming system. Many thanks to David.

General OOB Updates
We will be upgrading Republique orders of battle, some of which date to before the original 1996 release of Republique. The updates will include consolidation of some units in order to eliminates single-base formations, and the correction of formation sizes based on newer sources. The newly updated OOBs will be listed below as they are completed.

Wagram OOB: French, Austrian
Aspern-Essling OOB French

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