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These on-line excerpts from Lieutenant-General John B. Hood's memoirs are based on the original 1880 edition published by Burk & M'Fetridge. General Hood was an 1853 West Point graduate, and in the eight years before the American Civil War he served as a line officer in the western United States. He began the war in the Army of Northern Virginia and fought with distinction throughout the conflict, being severely injured on several occasions. He saw his greatest successes as a Brigadier General under Longstreet. Later in the war, after his injuries and rapid promotion to high command, his star waned somewhat and he resigned his commission in January, 1865 after the disastrous Tennessee campaign. He died in New Orleans during an 1879 yellow fever outbreak.

Confederate States Army - Virginia
Chapter 2a · Chapter 2b · Chapter 2c
Gaine's Mill or First Cold harbor — Malvern Hill — Second Manassas — Boonsboro' Gap — and Sharpsburg, or Antietam.

Confederate States Army - Virginia
Chapter 3a · Chapter 3b · Chapter 3c
Fredericksurg, Suffolk and Gettysburg — Gettysburg and Chickamauga..
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