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Portal : Weapons & Technology : Naval (Last updated January, 2014)

    General Naval Subjects
  • DANFS On-line - Extensive on-line selections of the well known Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.
  • Dreadnought Project - Focusing on naval history in the period 1880-1920; 3D models, plans and other primary sources.
  • Materials of IJN Vessels - Lots of ship data for all periods.
  • NavalSource.org !! - Excellent photo archives of U.S. vessels, pre-dreadnought to modern.
  • NavWeaps !!! - Naval weapons, naval technology and naval reunions.
  • Destroyers On-line !!! - Everything you want to know about destroyers which have served in the U.S. Navy since World War One. Includes excellent images and a well organized guide to specific vessels.
  • Torpedo Boat Destroyers - An outline of pre-dreadnought era ancestors to modern destroyers.
  • Cod, USS
  • Dutch Submarines - Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy, 1906-1998.
  • Hunley, CSS
  • Nautilus,USS - Also home of the Submarine Force Museum.
  • Pampanito, USS - Home page for this restored Balao Class American submarine.
  • U-boat Net !!! - Based out of Iceland, this wonderful page has a cross indexed listing of German World War Two era submarines, their service records and their captains.
  • U-505 - Museum of Science and Industry at Chicago homepage for this famous German submarine.
  • Valor at Sea - The US submarine war in the Pacific 1941 - 1945.
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