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Portal : Groups & Forums (Last updated December, 2012)

    Yahoo Groups with open membership
  • wtj_wargames - Our own Yahoo Groups support board for WTJ wargaming rules (Public archives)
  • wddg - The Wargame Developments Discussion Group (Public archives)
  • ancmed - Ancient and Medieval through 1500 AD (Public archives)
  • Age of Sail - Naval wargaming before 1890 (Public archives)
  • colonialwars - Colonial wargames and warfare in the 1800s (Public archives)
  • lacewars - Horse & musket wargaming and warfare in the 18th century (Members only archives)
  • WW1aircombatgaming - WW1 aviation gaming and discussion (Members only archives)
    Yahoo Groups with restricted membership
  • french and indian war - Military artifacts, relics, equipment and reenacting (Public archives)
  • predred - Pre-Dreadnought Vessels and Warfare (Members only archives)
  • wargamesclubs - For all those involved in running clubs and societies (Public archives)
  • NavWarGames - Naval wargaming in all forms (Public archives)
  • VLB Rules - Variable Length Bound Wargames Theory discussion at Yahoo!
  • 10mm-Miniatures - For all aspects of the 10mm scale (Members only archives)
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