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    General Links
  • Mapsymbs - NATO APP-6 military map marking symbols as TrueType Fonts. designed by Tom Mouat.
  • Wargame Developments Network - Wargame Developments (WD) is a group of like-minded wargamers who are dedicated to developing wargames.
  • Web-Grognards - Internet based wargaming resources since 1995.
    Computer Gaming
  • Austerlitz ! - By Supersonic Games, on-line since 1996.
  • Historicon - Official website for Cold Wars (Winter) and Hisoricon (Summer) conventions.
  • Salute - London's premier gaming convention every Spring.
  • Strategicon - Sponsored by HMGS West, covering the western U.S.
    Miniature Wargaming
  • Fire & Fury - Unofficial site for Fire & Fury info.
  • Miniature's Page ! - Includes forum, lists of known rules, club directories and more.
  • Miniature Wargaming - Includes lists of known rules, club directories and more.
  • Seekrieg - By Rich Sartore, the official website for these long standing naval wargame rules.
  • Warflag.Com !!! - Free on-line flags for your miniature regiments.
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