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Portal : Businesses and Companies : Militaria & Equipment (Last updated December, 2012)

    Antique Militaria
  • Collector's Guild - Large and wide ranging selection of gear from both world wars and earlier. Well established and reliable.
  • CSA Notes - Collection and sale of Confederate States notes.
  • Grenadier Military Antiques - California based supplier of WWI and WWII German militaria.
  • HLE Books - Belgian company specializing in collectible firearms.
  • Military Vehicles Magazine - Articles, ads, classifieds, how-to info, coming events, and much more for enthusiasts, collectors, restorers, and anyone interested in military vehicles.
  • Ruptured Duck, The ! - One of the collecting community's most widely recognized and reliable dealers. Specializes in items of World War II Axis origin.
    Living History, Reproduction and Restorations
  • Discriminating General, The - Custom-made replicas, historical research services for museums and the film industry, and stock military reproductions.
  • Arador Armor Reviews - Not really a business or seller, but a series of reviews with direct implications for anyone wanting to make a purchase.
  • Christian Fletcher - Medieval military armor and leather.
  • Paulson Brothers Ordnance - Modern cannon and equipment makers.
  • Seacoast Artillery ! - Manufacturer of fully operational 1/16th scale Civil War cannons that shoot historically accurate ammunition.
  • Steen Cannons - Modern manufacturer of muzzle-loading artillery, from mountain howitzers to Model 1857 12-pound Napoleons!
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