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Using the Portal
The Portal link list is an on-line military resource for researchers, hobbyists, military professionals and all others with an interest in military history, science and defense. The list is composed entirely of outside (non-WTJ) websites relating to the active prosecution of warfare and military issues. Sites not found in the Portal include those relating to sociology, cause/prevention of war or international relations, all of which are worthy subjects which nevertheless fall outside of our editorial focus.

Red exclamation points indicate a site which we consider exceptional in some way. Great artwork, valuable information and good navigation will each rate one of these favorable marks.

Portal Categories
The Portal is a purely military link list, and so the subjects and categories are standardized somewhat differently than a general purpose list.

For example, if you want to know about Ironclads during the civil war, go to the Naval section of Wars/Modern/American Civil War. If however, you want to know about a specific ironclad by name, say the U.S.S. Monitor, you would go to Weapons/Naval/Pre-Dreadnought Ships.

Usually, period specific sites will be listed in the related War & Period, whereas general sites will usually be listed according to Fighting Force or Weapon type.
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