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Quickfire Tactics and Game Notes

    General Tactical Suggestions
  • For squadrons steaming in line ahead, do not move at full speed. This allows leaders to sustain battle damage with less risk of vessels aft running them down and/or disturbing the formation. This is called maintaining "reserve speed" and was standard during the period. Three-quarters normal speed is a good average to maintain.
  • Don't scatter your fire by engaging numerous enemy ships simultaneously.
  • Keep your broadside to the enemy.
  • If you have a vessel with a good light fire rating, don't hesitate to use it against a much heavier ship - especially one that is already a target of several of your heavy ships. The extra light fire will help wear down the heavier ship's light ROF rating, making it all the sooner that it reaches the catastrophic point at which all ROF and Repair points are gone. After that, every G hit becomes a fire, which puts the ship on a fast track to becoming a flaming wreck.
  • Don't hesitate to use your repair dice to keep your guns firing early on. Your ship is a gun platform and your guns are the most important thing to keep operational. Using all of your repair points however, does leave your ship vulnerable. Recommend keeping at least one around for emergencies.
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