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Ship Value Key

Name Size Armor
Repair Dice
Mikasa 15 8 - 16 10 - 8 5 - 6 2 60 7
Fuji 13 7 - 14 10³ - 4 5 - 6 2 60 6
Name: The name of that ship class.
Size: The size rating of the ship for use during the game, especially for calculating when a ship sinks. Larger ships will tend to take longer to sink.
Armor (Hvy - Lt): The heavy and light armor ratings for the ship. These ratings do not express the "weight" of the armor, rather they describe the ship's defense against that type of gunnery rating.
Gunnery (Hvy - Lt): These are the heavy and light gunnery ratings for the ship. The heavy rating expresses the ship's main armament value in conjunction with standard heavy secondary (15cm or greater) guns. The light rating represents the all weapons under 25cm.

Vessels with a small 1, 2 or 3 to the upper right of the heavy gunnery value are limited in their ability to score blast damage hits on the combat chart. If present, this small number (called a Blast Cap) means that only fire die rolls with no values higher than that number may be used to score blast damage. For example, the battleship Fuji shown above may only score blast damage hits if all fire dice are a one through three.
ROF (Hvy - Lt): These are the rate of fire values for a ship's heavy and light gunnery ratings.
TT: This number is the ship's torpedo rating.
Speed: The ship's speed in millimeters. Each ship log will note this speed and it's increments in eighths. If a ship's eight speed boxes are all marked off due to damage, it's speed is considered zero and it must then roll for sinking as long as its speed is zero.
Repair Dice: The number of repair points that a ship begins the game with. Each repair point is worth one repair die roll, and each die roll is conducted using two six sided dice (2D6). Each point used is marked off the ship log and may not be re-used again.
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