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Quickfire Optional Rules

101 - Extra Gunnery Phases
In some games - especially those with numerous slow-firing vessels - players may want to add one or more gunnery phases to each turn. This increases the overall rate of firing for the battle. This can even be done mid-game, after some of the faster firing vessels (in cases of mixed squadrons) have slowed down a bit due to battle damage.
201 - Higher Move Rates
Players may accomodate larger playing areas by increasing ship's speeds by 50-100%. The existing rules were written to accomodate small table areas and also to increase effects of gunnery per unit of movement.
301 - The 6-6 Exception
Any vessel which began the game with ROF ratings of 6 - 6 will suffer a light G hit in addition to every heavy G hit. This is due to unusually homogenous medium level armament such as 6" and 8" guns.
302 - Opening Salvos
The first time a vessel fires during the game, it receives a +1 on its ROF die roll.
303 - Torpedo Reloads
A vessel may "reload" one point of torpedo rating on a die roll result of 2 using two dice (2D6). A ships may not reload to a point value higher than they began the game with. Optional reload rolls are conducted during the Attempt Repairs step.
304 - Split Light Gunnery
At point blank range, a vessel may split its light fire gunnery points amongst multiple targets (this in addition to being able to fire both heavy and light values simultaneously). This can only be done after the normal ROF fire check to see if the ship fired its light rating at all. This rule makes it possible for a vessel with a heavy secondary armament to set-up a "curtain of fire" for purposes of torpedo-boat/destroyer defense. Smallest point packets allowed per base gunnery value are as follows: 1-6 points may split down to one-point packets, 7+ point base gunnery value may split down to two-point packets.

Splitting fire must be done as evenly as possible, so for example a ship with a 12 light gunnery value could split its fire as x2 attacks at 6 each, or x4 attacks at 3 each, but not x2 attacks with one at a 2 and one at a 10.
501 - Heavy G Hits Amidships
The general game mechanics pre-suppose that heavy fire will primarily effect related systems on board target vessels. With this rule, heavy G hits impact both heavy and light ROF ratings simultaneously. There are actually two possible levels of application for this rule, with Option A being rather modest and Option B being more extreme:

Option A) On all heavy G hit die results of 2 (snake eyes), reduce one point each from both the heavy and light ROF ratings for the target vessel.
Option B) On all heavy G hits, reduce one point each from both the heavy and light ROF ratings for the target vessel.
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