for rules and combat charts

Microsoft Internet Explorer
The default browser settings for most printers includes large margins as well as various bits of margin data including date of printing, page number, etc. All of these items interfere with your ability to print good looking rules and combat charts. The guideline below will help you temporarily disable those settings so that you can print out your free WTJ combat charts without having them "run off" the edges of the paper. .

The printer setting for Microsoft Explorer can be found under File and then Page Setup. Once on the setup page, you will want to delete any text posted in the Header and Footer boxes, make sure your orientation (landscape or portrait) is set properly, and re-set all four margins for 0.3. This should allow you to print out full page combat charts without having any portion running off the edges, and text pages that transition from page to page properly. If you want to restore your Header and Footer data later, make sure to save the coding text in Notepad by cutting and pasting. Make sure to take a look at the Print Preview page (two lines below the Page Setup command) to see how the page is going to print out.

Netscape Communicator
First, go to the Page Setup page, which is located under the File section of your browser. On this page, you will find all of the controls needed to make sure our combat chart prints properly on your printer. Start by "unchecking" the Header and Footer check-boxes at the bottom of the panel. Then change all of the margin settings to 0.50cm (you may have to set them lower, to 0.30cm or so). These changes will allow you to use a larger portion of your printer paper. Remember to set your Properties setting for Landscape or Portrait, depending on which rules you are using. The 1916 rules use Landscape printing. All other WTJ rules use the Portrait properties setting.

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