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Ship Value Key

Name(s): Name of vessels in that class, followed by the date of first completion.
Size:Size class of vessel, an abstract value based on the vessel's tonnage and size Armor:Average armor thickness values for the ship's Vitals and Upperworks. The first number applies to armor over the vitals and the second number applies to armor over the upperworks of the ship. Upperworks protection:The extent of protection a vessel has in the form of upper belt, casemate, battery, secondary turret and/or gun shield armor, rated as great, good, poor or none.  Flood protection:The amount of waterline protection a vessel has in the form of armor plating, rated as great, good, poor or none. Vessels must have well protected fore and aft sections in order to qualify for the good or great ratings. Stability:Vessel's inherent tendency to remain upright, rated as either good or poor Seaway rating:Whether a vessel has normal or poor seakeeping qualities for a boat or ship of its size.
Speed: The vessel's maximum speed in knots (nautical miles per hour). In order to find the six levels of available game speed which a player uses to fill out the Speed boxes ona ship log, see the Scales Page.
Quantity-Type:The number of guns, their real-life bore diameter and the position classification of a weapon Size:An abstract value denoting shell size for game use. During game play, this value will be compared to the "size" of the target in order to calculate the ability of a weapon to cause damage. ROF:Rate of fire. The number of rounds a weapon may fire in one turn. Rated as either ½, 1 or 2. Penetration:The amount of armor an armor piercing (AP) round can penetrate at each of the three main range brackets. The first, highest number is the value used against a target vessel's armor if the leading edge of that vessel lies within the first firing range bracket. The second number is used for the second range bracket and the third number is used for the third range bracket. AP shells may not be fired out to the fourth range bracket. If a dash is shown instead of a number, it means that the weapon in question may not fire at that range. Hence a boat gun may only fire at targets which lie within the first range bracket. Position/Pattern: The positions or beam pattern in which the weapons are arrayed on the ship
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