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Revision Index for Battlefleet

We appreciate the compliments and recommendations which are regularly received from Battlefleet players. Several of the corrections and changes below are partially or wholly a result of the vigilance of gamers around the world, and we thank all of you for your help!

Version 3.05 November, 2018
  • Added optional rule 408.
  • Corrected some link errors and clarified some examples.
Version 3.04 November, 2013
  • Added optional rules.
  • Updated references of available miniatures.
  • Updated range brackets and associated speed references.
Version 3.03 November, 2008
  • Modified protection values for Russian cruiser Rossia.
Version 3.02 September, 2006
  • Corrected some Chart Outline examples (docu_charts).
Version 3.02 May, 2005
  • Corrected some Russian and German ship stats.
Version 3.01 January, 2005
  • Changed Russian 20cm gun sizes from 13 to 15.
Version 3.0 January 2, 2005
This revision involved numerous major upgrades to the rules. The previous 2.0 version is still available at this link for players who still want access to its features.
  • Clarified arc-of-fire usage (arc of fire overview)
  • Clarified propulsion damage in relation to speed change allowances.
  • Recalibrated combat chart for six sided dice usage.
  • Changed ship stas formulas. The two armor values are now for Vitals-Upperworks.
  • New torpedo launch table and modifers. Less chance of scoring hits now. Slightly increased power of torpedoes.
  • Expanded Flood effects into Fore, Midships and Aft section specialties.
  • Changed Voluntary Change of Command range to one-quarter of a range bracket
  • Change of speed is now in increments of one propulsion box, not two.
  • Increased number and depth of gunnery danger zones.
  • Modified combat chart to accomodate other changes. Two ships per ship log to better accomdate four ship fleet divisions. Added destroyer ship log.
  • Automated fire effects. Fires no longer need to be put out by DC teams.
  • Only one DC die per turn may be made against any one hit.
  • Changed sink roll to include sinking time. Allows sinking ships to briefly keep firing
  • Separated loss of propulsion boxes from loss of DC dice. DC dice are now tracked independently.
  • Changed critical effect roll for severe flooding to cause possible spreading of flooding into new compartments.
  • Expanded selection of game scales from three to four. Added new turning circles to match added scales. Reduced number of turning circles.
  • Changed signalling system.
  • Separated gunnery into AP/HE and Upperworks/Vitals elements
  • Separated general damage into External and Internal elements
  • Added one range bracket. Maximum effective range for heavy guns is now four range brackets.
  • Added optional rules page including seaway effects, minefields, optional shore batteries page and shore target chart.
  • Rule: Divisional stop orders may not be mixed with other orders.
  • New torpedo use rules: surface skimmers, LOS
  • Damage control: Added ability to stop Heavy/Severe flooding roll, ability to secure rudder.
  • Added damage possibilities for: Bridge, Steering engines and Wireless.
  • Added ship value formulas page
  • Added Fast Play combat chart.

Version 2.0 (06-24-00)
  • Clarified that counterflooding does not trigger flooding effects or critical effect rolls.
  • Changed penetration performance of most weapons.
  • Changed flooding effects die roll results.
  • Changed torpedo hit chart and added modifier for speed differences.
  • Modified uneven flooding chart results.
  • Limited torpedo targets to "deep" vessels.
  • Added a third game scale category, there are now ranges and scale speeds for small, medium and large scale game play.
  • Added turning circles for medium and large scales.
  • Added ships stats for all current nationalities, added Italian ships.
  • Set limits for total number of available damage control dice and for the number which can be used against any one damage event.
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