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American Navy Ship Values

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The US Navy came into existence at the height of the confrontations between Great Britain and France, and it benefitted from the ample resources available across North America. The US at that time had a merchant marine that was quite large in relation to its population, and a resulting wealth of marine design talent. Combined with large reserves of old-growth timber, it is not surprising that when the government finally decided to build a small volunteer fleet of ocean-going frigates, that the results were good. There were plenty of enthusiastic volunteers and the ships built were large for their size and of excellent quality. It should be recognized that for logistic reasons the other major fleets of the world were already tied into existing designs, and that the ability to scratch-build a new set of ships tailored to perfectly counter their anticipated opponents was a luxury not likely to occur often. Nevertheless, the results were outstanding and the new ships rang up an almost immediate tally of victories.

US ships may use wide angle broadside arcs for the N (Napoleonic) period.

Rating Name Gun Dice Hulll Size Speed Notes Era
90 Independence 0015* Regular 3 Heavy Slow N
44 Constitution, 004+3 Stout 1 Light Slow N
44 United States, President 004+6 Stout 1 Light Slow N
38 Constellation, Congress, Chesapeake, Philadelphia 040+3 Stout 1 Light Slow N
18 Hornet 000+6 Weak ½ Light Slow N
18 Argus 000+4 Weak ½ Light Slow N
12 Enterprise 100 Weak ½ Light Slow   N
* - Independence has 15 heavy gun dice and no other armament.

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