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British Navy Ship Values

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The Royal Navy of this time went through several phases, following a general trend of improvement in signals and tactics. Until the French Revolution, they tended to be behind the French in tactical development and ship building, and continued to lag in ship building well into the Napoleonic era. Their strong point was their enormous merchant marine which assured a relatively plentiful supply of able seamen, combined with an aggressive officer corps imbued with an offensive spirit. These factors often made the difference at critical times. Most British ships were built in home yards, and the logistic support of the fleet was an enormous task. Just assuring a steady supply of parts like yards and masts was an entire career unto itself, and because most of these items came from Russia, Scandanavia or the New World, the Royal Navy had to keep several years supply in storage in case of emergency. The maintenance of a sure supply of these perishable items and others was one of many reasons why such extreme political solutions were sometimes chosen.

Royal Navy ships may use wide angle broadside arcs for the FR (French Revolutionary) and N (Napoleonic) periods.

Rating Name Gun Dice Hulll Size Speed Notes Era
110 Ville de Paris 449 Regular 3 Heavy Slow One carronade for N era FR, N
100 Victory 608 Regular 3 Heavy Fast AWI, FR, N
100 Royal Sovereign 608 Regular 3 Heavy Slow Heavy Fast at Trafalgar FR, N
100 Britannia 408+2 Regular 3 Heavy Slow   AWI, FR, N
98 London, Prince, Impregnable, Windsor Castle 545 Regular 3 Heavy Slow London available for AWI FR, N
90 Barfleur, Prince George, Princess Royal, Formidable 445 Regular 3 Heavy Slow   AWI, FR, N
74 Mars, Ajax, Kent, Centaur 208 Regular 2 Heavy Fast   FR, N
74 Vengeur, Vindictive, Cressy, Hogue, Vigo, Rodney, Redoubtable, Conquistador, Armada, Mulgrave, Berwick, Egmont, Edinburgh, Clarence, Scarborough, Asia, Duncan, Indus 145+2 Weak 2     N
74 Repulse, Sceptre, Eagle, Magnificent, Valiant, Cumberland,Venerable, Elizabeth.
Swiftsure, Victorious.
Fame, Hero, Albion, Illustrious, York, Sultan, Marlborough.
245 Regular or Weak 2 Heavy Fast or Slow   N
74 Culloden, Thunderer, Terrible, Victorious, Ramillies, Hannibal, Theseus.
Alfred, Alexander, Warrior, Montague.
Canada, Majestic, Captain, Orion.
Arrogant, Cornwall, Edgar, Goliath, Zealous, Audacious, Elephant, Bellerophon, Saturn, Vanguard, Excellent, Illustrious.
Royal Oak, Conqeror, Bedford, Hector, Sultan, Vengance.
Ramilles, Monarch, Magnificent, Marlborough, Terrible, Russell, Invincible, Robust, Prince of Wales.
Albion, Grafton, Alcide, Fortitude, Irresistible
245 Regular or Weak 2 Heavy Fast or Slow   AWI, FR, N
74 Ganges, Culloden, Tremendous, Invincible, Minden, Minotaur 245 Regular or Weak 2 Heavy Slow   AWI, FR
74 Triumph, Valliant 108 Regular 2 Heavy Fast    
64 Intrepid, Monmouth, Defiance, Nonsuch, Ruby, Vigilant, Eagle, America, Anson, Polyphemus, Magnanime, Sampson, Repulse, Diadem, Standard.
Ardent, Raisonnable, Agamemnon, Belliqueux, Stately, Indefatigable, Nassau.
133 Regular or Weak 2 Heavy Fast   AWI, FR, N
44 (Razee) Indefatigable, Magnanime, Anson. 103+2 Stout 1 Light Slow Magnanime FR only FR, N
40 Endymion, Servern, Liffey, Liverpool, Glasgow, Forth. 003+3 Weak 1 Light Fast   N
38 Lively, Resistance, Hussar, Horatio, Spartan, Undaunted, Statira, Menelaus, Macedonian, Crescent, Bacchante, Nymphe, Sirius, Laurel. 140+2 Weak 1 Light Fast   N
36 Apollo, Blanche, Euryalus, Dartmouth, Creole, Semiramis, Owen Glendower, Curacoa, Saldanha, Hotspur, Havannah, Malacca, Orpheus, Leda, Theban, Manilla, Astraea, Belvidera, Galatea, Maidstone, Stag, Pallas, Barrosa, Tartar. 040+2 Weak 1 Light Fast   N
32 Circe, Pallas, Thames, Jason, Hebe, Minerva, Alexandria. 300+2 Weak 1 Light Slow   N
32 Amazon, Thetis, Ambuscade, Cleopatra, Amphion, Orpheus, Juno, Success, Syrene, Iris, Castor, Blonde, Solebay, Greyhound. 400+1 Weak 1 Light Slow   AWI, FR, N
32 Southampton, Minerva, Vestal, Diana. 400 Weak 1 Light Slow One carronade for N era  
18 Brig-Sloop (Generic) 000+5 Weak ½ Light Slow   N
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