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Spanish Navy Ship Values

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By the end of the Seven Years Way the Spanish fleet had seen its best days. Administration was cumbersome although there were still some brilliant officers who worked on new theories for tactics and signalling. These improvements were never transmitted to the fleet in adequate ways and a shortage of native able seamen persisted which crippled the fleet's ability to operate in unison. Spain employed a variety of native and foreign ship builders who provided an ample supply of large, well built ships. The dockyard at Havana, Cuba was the largest outside of Europe at the time, and many famous ships including the Santisima Trinidad were built there. The Trinidad, which had a 36 year operational career, was finally destroyed along with many other Spanish ships at Trafalgar. Unlike the French fleet, the Spanish fleet did not recover before the peace in 1815 ended hostilities.

Spanish Navy ships may not use wide angle broadside arcs.

Rating Name Gun Dice Hulll Size Speed Notes Era
140 Santisima Trinidad 609 Stout 4 Heavy Slow AWI, FR N
112 Santa Ana, Principe de Asturias, Salvador del Mundo, Mejicano, Real Carlos, San Hermenegildo, Reina Luisa. 608 Regular or Stout 3 Heavy Slow fr, N
94 San Fernando, San Luis. 344 Regular or Stout 3 Heavy Slow AWI, FR, N
80 Montañés, Neptuno, Monarca, Argonauta.
Rayo, Fenix.
244 Regular 2 Heavy Slow N
74 San Juan Nepomuceno, San Pascual, San Francisco de Asis, San Lorenzo, Santo Domingo and San Augustín. 243 Regular Heavy Fast or Slow AWI, FR, N

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