American Tanks and Vehicles

Amerian units marked as capped round capable may not use that ammunition type prior to August, 1944.
Size Code
M2A4 3 A C M 2 24 S
M3, M3A1 3 A C M 2 24 S
M3A1 Satan flame n/a L 2 24 S
M5A1 3 A C M 3 23 S
M24 5 A C S H 3 24
M3 Med 5, 3, A C M 4 17 L
M4 5 A C S M 4 17 L
M4A1 5 A C S M 5 17 L
M4A2(early) 5 A C S M 4 19 L
M4A2(late) 5 A C S M 5 19 L
M4A3 5 A C S M 4 20 L
M4A3(75) 5 A C S M 5 20 L
M4A3E2 5 A Â C S M 7 16 L
M4A1(76) 5 A Â C S M 5 17 L
M4A3(76) 5 A Â C S M 5 20 L
M4(105) 6,0 C S M 5 20 L
POA-CWS-H1 flame n/a M 5 17 L
M26 6 A Â C M 7 16 L
M10 GMC 5 A Â C S M 4 20
M12 GMC 8 C A S
2 17
M18 GMC 5 A Â C S M 2 32 S
M36 GMC 6 A Â C M 4 20
M36B1 GMC 6 A Â C M 5 19 L
M7 HMC 6 C S M 2 19
M8 HMC 4 A C M 3 23 S
T8 recon

H 3 24 S
M8 AC 3 A C H 1 48 S

Vehicle Data Keys
Gun Codes (applies to primary weapon only)
A = May fire armor piecing (anti-tank) ammunition.
 = May fire capped armor-piercing ammunition.
C = May fire high-explosive (anti-personnel) ammunition.
S = May "fire" smoke screens using the Light Smoke screen rule listed in the Firing section of the rules.

Vehicles may only use ammunition types indicated in their gun code listing. For example, the German Panzer IVD is not capable of firing armor-piercing ammunition. The first ammunition type listed in a vehicle's gun code is the primary ammunition carried on board. Subsequent ammunition types are considered in limited supply and are subject to the secondary ammo rule listed under Firing/tanks.

Gun Sizes
Most vehicles carry a primary gun and one or more machine guns. Secondary guns have their ammo types separated from the available main gun ammo types by a '/' where applicable. Multiple machine guns are listed as x,y.
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