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Tactical Notes : Troops & Units : Keys

Tactical Notes:
The Turkish Army of World War One entered as an unenthusiastic participant in a war which it did not really want. It nevertheless performed very well on numerous occasions, with the fighting at Gallipoli being the highlight of their success. After the Battle for ANZAC, over 4000 Turkish dead lay in front of the Allied trenches following the main Turkish charge. Whole companies were wiped out in this assault, and yet the ensuing Allied counterattack (which was tardy in coming) was not able to dislodge the recovering Turkish survivors.

Troops and Units:
The orders of battle shown below offer a list of average unit values in order to give 1916 players an idea of how historical formations should be represented for game play. Real life units varied in type, strength and quality, depending on their location and readiness level. Overall, there were a huge variety of units created during the war, from forestry battalions to assault companies. This prevents us from trying to list them all, and players are encouraged to use these lists as guidelines for creating other units they would like to use on the battlefield.
Infantry Battalion 1915
Units:2 or 4 | Bases:9 | Morale:Steady/Brave | Training:Average | Machine Guns:1 or 2 heavy
Infantry Regiment
Battalions:3 infantry

Troop and Unit Key:
Formation Type - Year
Units:number of subunits in the formation ¹ | Bases:number of bases per subunit | Morale:approximate formation morale | Training:approximate training level of the units | Machine Guns:average number of machine guns which the formation may possess | Mortars:average number of trench mortars which the formation may possess | Towed Cannon:average number of towed cannon which the formation may possess. | Special:special weapons or conditions, such as flamethrowers, etc.

¹ — Note that higher level formations will be composed of companies, battalions or regiments instead of bases and units.
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