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Historical Order of Battle: US

American 2nd Infantry Division
ORGANIZATION AND MOVEMENT OVERSEAS, SEPT 22, 1917-MAR 30, 1918 - Sept 22, the War Department directs the organization of the 2d Div Regular Army. The Div includes troops of the United States Marine Corps which are at Quantico or already in France, and units of the Regular Army stationed at Chickamauga Park, El Paso, Gettysburg, Governors Island, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Fts Benjamin Harrison, Ethan Alien, Myer, Oglethorpe, Riley, Sam Houston, and Camps Robinson and Vail as well as others en route to, or already in, Europe.
COMPLETION OF ORGANIZATION, TRAINING, AND OPERATIONS IN FRANCE, SEPT 24, 1917-Nov 11, 1918 Sept 24 - the concentration of the Div (less Arty) begins with the arrival of a detachment of 5th Marines in the 3d (Bourmont) Training Area. Soon the 23d Inf and elements of the 9th Inf arrive from St-Nazaire. Oct 6, the 1st Provisional Brig is designated the 3d Inf Brig. Oct 23, the 4th Marine Brig (infantry) is formed at Bourmont. Oct 26, Brig Gen Charles A. Doyen assumes command of the Div. During Oct the 9th Inf completes its concentration and the 5th MG Bn arrives. [Jan I, 2d FA Brig is organized at Le Valdahon, where the 15th FA arrived on Dec 30 from Le Havre, and where the con- centration is completed on Jan 30 and systematic training is begun.] During Jan the 2d Engrs and elements of the 6th Marines, which have been with the SOS since arrival, the 1st F Sig Bn, 4th MG Bn, 6th MG Bn Marines, F Hosp 15, and Amb Co 15, join. [Jan 20-July 4, Div is under the administrative control of the I Corps.] In Feb the concentration of the Div (less Arty) is completed. Mar 13, Div (less Arty) moves to the area of the Fr Second Army near Sommedieue, southeast of Verdun-sur-Meuse.
Mar 17-30, Div participates with the French in the occupation of the Toulon, Rupt, and Troyon Sectors (Lorraine).
Mar 30-May 13, Div participates with the French in the occupation of the Toulon and Troyon Sectors (Lorraine).
May 31-June 5, Div participates in the Aisne Operation.
June 6-July 10, Div occupies the Chateau-Theirry Sector (Ile de France).
July 10-16, Div Occupies the Second Position in the Pas Fini Sector (Ile de France).
July 18-20, Div participates in the Aisne-Marne Operation.
Aug 9-19, Div occupies the Marbache Sector (Lorraine).
Sept 10-12, Div occupies the Limey Sector (Lorraine).
Sept 12-16, Div participates in the St-Mihiel Operation.
Sept 30-Nov 11, Div participates in the Meuse-Argonne Operation.

Wartime Divisional Commanders
(Major General)
3rd Infantry Brigade 4th Infantry Brigade
Charles Doyen USMC
Omar Bundy
James Harboard
John Lejeune USMC
9th Infantry Regiment
23rd Infantry Regiment
5th machine gun battalion
5th Marines
6th Marines
6th machine gun battalion (Marine)
2nd Field Artillery Brigade Divisional Troops Trains
12th Field Artillery (75)
15th Field Artillery (75)
17th Field Artillery (75)
2nd Trench Mortar Battery
4th Machine Gun Battalion
2nd Engineers
1st Field Signal Battalion
Headquarters Troop
2nd Train Headquarters and Military Police
2nd Ammunition Train
2nd Supply Train
2nd Engineer Train
2nd Sanitary Train (Ambulance Companies and Field Hopstials 1,15,16,23)
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