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Marengo Revisited

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The Battle of Marengo

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Contemporary Maps and Images
The thumbnails below link to maps which relate to the battle of Marengo, either contemporary or more current works which will be added as they become available.

Marengo Map Figure 1.
The 1805 Maps
The two maps shown here are from the 1805 edition of the commemorative Marengo report commissioned by Berthier. The maps are of a very high quality and are some of the most commonly referenced contemporary maps of the battle. Map Fig.1 is a full view of the third map in the series, which shows the units in position for the final fight west of San Guiliano. Several recent authors place the final engagement between Boudet's division and Zach's pursuit column on the open "heights" immediately north of Cassina Grossa, which is at odds with the positions shown on this map at marker 3. Which version is correct is yet another point for further research. Map Fig.1 also includes numbered markers we have added which matches the order of the main fighting: 1) First Austrian attacks to break out. 2)
Marengo Map Figure 2.
Breakout and attack on Marengo. 3) Pursuit and counterattack west of San Guiliano. Map Fig.2 is a close-up of the second map in the series which shows the units around Marengo as they were fully engaged earlier in the day.

The Invalides Painting
Marengo Painting at the Invalides
The image at right shows a painting of the Battle of Marengo which currently hangs in the French Army Museum in Paris. The museum is located inside The Invalides and also includes Napoleon's burial site and other French government buildings. The painting, which is located in the Napoleonic Wars section of the museum, depicts Marengo at the moment of Kellermann's charge, which can be viewed through the smoke accurately shown striking the left flank of the Austrian column. Note that the painting apparently indicates the location of this last attack further west than the maps down above. In this case, the attack appears to be taking place west of the main road junction and north of Cassina Grossa.

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